Assignments & Assessments


In four decades, one sees a wide variety of educational ideas sweep through a school district. Portfolios. Rubrics. Standards. Curriculum. Lesson Plans. Differentiated Learning. 21st Century Learning. Google Classroom. Professional Learning Community (PLC) Groups. Professional Improvement Plans. Student Growth Objectives (SGO). Danielson 4 Domains. Pre-Assessment. Formative Assessment. Benchmarks. Social, Emotional Learning. ZOOM classes! WHEW... They come and go. What remains the same, at least in the Music World, is that a half note was a half note yesterday, will be today and continue to be tomorrow.

So here is an assortment of class assignments/worksheets that I've used over the course of time presented as PDF's for you to download, print and use at your convenience. There are info sheets which introduce the concept and worksheets to support the content. Trying to make even one lesson a bit easier for you. Just click on the links below. Additional ASSESSMENTS are linked above.