Key Signatures

These sheets were used in my Concert Choir class - just under 100 singers. We completed the sheets together so everyone would have the correct answers and then we recited these pages, aloud, as a class. Once I felt the class could put the knowledge into practice, I distributed the worksheets below for assessments.

Note Identification-Silver Swan.pdf
Key Signatures-Answer Key_0001.pdf
Key Signatures-Scale Match Up.pdf
Key Signatures-Scale Match Up-AnswerKey.pdf
Match the Key Signatures.pdf
Match the Key Signatures-AnswerKey.pdf
Key Signatures & Scales Info Sheet.pdf
Recognizing Key Signatures_0001.pdf
Key Signatures & Their Major Scales .pdf
Key Signatures & Their Major Scales-AnswerKey.pdf
Name the Key Signatures.pdf
Name the Key Signatures-Answer Key.pdf
Key Signatures--Major & Minor Keys.pdf
Key Signatures--Major & Minor Keys_0001.pdf
Minor Flat Keys.pdf
Minor Sharp Keys.pdf