Masterworks Press. A great resource for worksheets! I used these in the large ensemble classes as video assessments.

Here were my instructions. I always placed the DISTRIBUTION DATE and the DEADLINE in BOLD print in the header of every assignment!

1) Choose two other singers with whom you will partner.

2) In the DO-MI, MI-Do packet, turn to page 1 - Mi-Do, Do-Mi

3) Choose 7, 8, 9.

4) Video record your performance of the three lines using solfege syllables. Switch lines until you have sung all three lines.

5) At the start of the recording, please announce which line you will be singing first. Sing the lines one after the other - no break in between.

6) You can create the video on your cell phone. NAME IT: VIDEO ASSIGNMENT for CHOIR, YOUR NAME and TODAY'S DATE. If you have the GOOGLE Drive app on your phone (if not, you should upload it - it's free) go into the GOOGLE DRIVE app, click the (+) sign on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click UPLOAD (arrow in the center of the top row). Click "Photos and Videos" and select your solfege video . Click UPLOAD in the top right hand corner of the screen. Once the upload is complete, it is now in your GOOGLE DRIVE.

7) Now go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM and find the Solfege assignment under MY ASSIGNMENT and click "ADD" which will bring you to your GOOGLE DRIVE and that is where you should find your video. Once you attach your video, click "TURN IN". Placing your video in GOOGLE DRIVE with a DETAILED NAME will ensure that your video is safe and saved.

Curwin Hand Signs .pdf
Do Mi So.pdf
Chromatic syllables.pdf