A Cappella Choir Honors

The A Cappella Choir was the only auditioned ensemble for credit at the high school. The auditions were held in June for the following school year. A first rehearsal was held on the last Monday of the school year to distribute December caroling repertoire; 15-17 pieces for the A Cappella Choir, 2 pieces each for the Voices of Ridge and Ridgemen. Student Section Leaders accepted the responsibility of holding Sectionals during the summer to prepare the repertoire for the first rehearsal in September. The class was a zero-period and was held on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Additional curricular requirements were fulfilled in one-hour weekly sectionals (in the homes of the Section Leaders) and semester performances. The roster was given to the Guidance Department in September. Mid-year transfer students waited until the June auditions for possible acceptance into this ensemble. The audition material was identical to that which is used to audition the CJMEA Region II Chorus and the New Jersey All State Chorus. The A Cappella Choir prepared an extensive program for December caroling as well as competitive repertoire for the spring. Participation in two in-house concerts was a mandatory requirement of this class. At the start of the third year of A Cappella Choir, a student could accept the invitation to take this course for Honors credit.

The A Cappella Choir Honors of 2015-2016 recorded a CD in one take during

a Monday night rehearsal.

You can find the recording at: