Terms, Symbols, Piano Keys, Dynamics

Terminology-Dynamics-ANSWER KEY.pdf

With sheets like this DYNAMICS sheet, I would ask the entire class to read aloud as I asked for the definitions of the terms. To change it up, I would read the definition and then ask for an all-class response for the term. By Friday, I could assess or have a "worksheet down" check to see if they really retained the information after repeating it for five class periods. Repetition equaled retention.

Tempo Terminology_0001.pdf
Terms & Definitions.pdf
Terms & Definitions-AnswerKey.pdf
Identify the Symbols-4 pages.pdf
Piano Keys-8 pages_0001.pdf
Music Terms - 3 pages.pdf
Music Terms - 3 pages-AnswerKey.pdf
Piano Keys-Half & Whole Steps_0001.pdf
Piano Keys-Intervals_0001.pdf
Piano Keys-8va & 8vb (Octaves).pdf
Random Acts of Kindness R.A.K..pdf
Notes and Rests.pdf