Music Theory-One Semester

I was passionately driven to teach Music Theory in High School because it was a subject that could have easily kept me from receiving my college diploma! We didn't have theory back in the day! I distinctly remember my college audition with Dr. Ludecke at Trenton State College (presently The College of New Jersey) who asked me to spell a Perfect Fourth. A what? No clue. And surprisingly, I was accepted anyway!

Coming from stellar high school grades to nearly failing Theory 101, I swore to myself that if I EVER made it out of college, I would teach Music Theory in a high school job and make sure NO KID EVER FELT THE WAY I DID that first semester! I would create a test-free, quiz-free class where students would not robotically study material for a test, only to forget it the next day. My semester-long class was filled with a million worksheets. Flash cards. White boards. Repetition equaled retention. My track record with the 25+ Music Educators out there in the field spoke for the success of the structure of the class.

So, here it is.

The Music Theory Class I taught for over 30 years. One semester. Enough material for a student to successfully test out of Theory in college.

Please use any and all of the materials provided by clicking the links below.

I'm a fan of a good gimmick. Early in my career, I went to Michael's craft store and purchased a rubber stamp which was a DIY English alphabet number rolling stamp. (You can find them on Amazon!). This became my "Woo-Hoo" stamp. One could earn a "Woo-Hoo" (complete with my exuberant and joyful exclamation!) if one completed 100% of their worksheet correctly, equal to an A+. The "Woo-Hoo" stamp became coveted in the competitive environment of Ridge High School's Music Theory Class.

Gratefully, I never needed to change it to a "Boo-Hoo" stamp!!! šŸ¤£