Choral Methods Class Q & A

I had the honor and privilege to speak with the Choral Methods class at Indiana State University on Friday November 20, 2020. Twelve students submitted questions for discussion. Their professor, Dr. Scott Buchanan, found this website, gave his class the assignment to look through it and formulate questions and he emailed to ask if I would ZOOM into his final class of the Fall semester. Here are the questions and my responses.

ISU Q & A 11/20/20

I had the honor of sharing a panel with Laurie Lausi-Cherry Hill East HS and Nicole Snodgrass-Cherokee HS as we spoke to the students in Dr. Nick McBride's TCNJ class titled Fostering Community & Human Connection in the Music Classroom. The 17-member class shared questions which guided our discussion. It's a class I would have loved in college!

TCNJ -McBride-Q&A-April12, 2021.pdf