Interview Questions

Here are a few questions to ask a potential employer...

  1. How does the community support the arts?

  2. What is the district feeder system? How often does the high school travel to the middle school?

  3. Do students take private lessons? Are they encouraged?

  4. If you are looking back after three years of my service as Choral Director, what would you like to see? What accomplishments for the program?

  5. If you could improve two things about the program today, what would they be and why?

  6. Does the school support the participation of students in Region, All State and All Eastern? If so, how? Anything financed? Will the school cover the dues required for the students to participate?

  7. Is there financial support for Professional Development? How often can I expect to be able to attend a conference and be reimbursed for expenses?

  8. Does the choir perform outside the school? At graduation?

  9. Festivals, competitions, overnight travel? Is it supported by the school/administration? How is it financed? Fund-raising? Parents pay all?

  10. Is there a Music Boosters Organization? I believe in parental support but not involvement…

Why should a District hire you?

  1. I Love this age group

  2. I have a Passion for the choral art form

  3. I Know that this part of their education will last and be incorporated into their lives

  4. I am A team player

  5. I am Respectful and respected

  6. I am Driven to share what I love with my classes

  7. I have a strong Desire to bring music into their lives at all levels.

  8. I have the support of a terrific network of respected Choral Directors in NJ…I know that as a new teacher I will have more questions than answers and that in most schools, there is only one Choral Director – not a Department of them. This network of support will be a lifeline for me as I begin my career as a Choral Director in NJ.