First Day of School

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What Do I Wish I Had Had on the First Day of School?

The files below are the ones I used successfully over the years to start the school year, in person :) If, by creating this website and sharing this information, I can make just one Choral Director's life a bit easier, I will have done what I've set out to do!

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In the PDF below:

  1. The Notes that I read to the ensemble classes on the First Day of School.

  2. A syllabus

  3. An Info sheet-mandatory. It was collected and placed in a notebook for reference throughout the year. It was also linked to a Google Sheet which created the department database. (So yes, they completed the info twice!) It became their first assignment and first A+ grade!

  4. A handwritten assignment. Can they write? Spell? Use proper grammar? You'll see once you collect this assignment!

  5. A school mandated permission slip signed by parents or guardians granting permission to contact students via text or email.

  6. Another handwritten assignment.

  7. TEN LITTLE CHOIR MEMBERS...I read this poem as a RECRUITING tool every first day of school for decades. It was usually followed by a reading of letters from recent grads who were writing to those left behind in high school!


A copy of the Laminated Flier the Section Leaders would place around the building for the first two weeks of the new school year.

First Week of School Flier.pdf
MONTHLY TO-DO LISTS for Website.pdf

JOB DESCRIPTION = Month-by-Month

As the Ridge program grew, I created a monthly job description which I amended every month so I would be sure not to forget anything! While this will be specific to the activities I ran every year, you can use it as a framework to create one for your program. Highly recommend!

Song Map - Template/Directions

Assignment: Create a SONG MAP with prompts on each slide. GREAT first assignment and a GREAT way to get to know a bit about your students!

Courtesy of Kaitlin Holt-Saugus High School

I discovered ChorAmour through the Facebook group I'm a Choir Director.

What a unique find sponsored by a host of notable musicians in our field! Take a moment to explore their resources!