I found ChorAmour through the FaceBook group I'm a Choir Director.

What a unique find sponsored by a host of notable musicians in our field! Take a moment to explore their resources!

(Mostly) Free Online Resources

For Love of Choral Music


We have been called to move forward. ChorAmor members help in adapting methods and expanding offerings to meet new challenges. While these new methods will take considerable time and effort to master, we take the time and make the effort. We will take the first steps together, helping one another.

Creativity: We are singers, conductors, and teachers. We first gathered to create. The singing we do gives us the opportunity to be creative, but it does far more than that. It leads to new resources that serve as an example of what we can accomplish together: scores, guide tracks, video, and audio.

Learning: The thrust of our efforts is in developing and showcasing techniques, speed, and opportunities we can carry forward into whatever comes next, whether face-to-face, at distance, or some hybrid of the two. We believe these opportunities will prove to be exponential in number and variety as individuals come together to brainstorm and solve problems.

Service: We use our social media and professional service channels to invite all to take part. Our members join in Zoom meetings and webinars, and some choose to sing with us. We invite them to mix and master their own choirs into a digital musicking experience that will include thousands from across the nation and around the world. The challenges of the moment are evolving, but they have exposed inequity in our ability to serve using digital solutions. We will explore and develop the means to serve singers, students, and parishioners without access to high quality hardware, software, and internet service.