How about some lighter classroom activities!


This is a wonderful group activity. Here's a suggestion about how to present this to your students:

Before Spinning, Ask your Students - What words do you hope you land on?

Spin and Share your Word.

What does your word bring to mind? How does it challenge you? How does it inspire you? What could you do today, this week or in this New Year, that relates to your word? Discuss.


My choir director was very 1.__________ to have us perform the "Hallelujah 2.__________" as a virtual choir piece. So, I put on my most festive 3.__________ and warmed up my voice really 4.___________. First, my 5.__________ tried to play with my earbuds. Then, I forgot to have my phone in 6.________ position. When I started singing, my voice sounded so 7.__________ to me it made me 8.__________. When I watched my first try, I realized my voice had gone 9.___________ instead of down. My face looked really 10.________ and I had a big blob of 11._________on my face. So I tried again and it went perfectly! Just as I got to the end, my 12._________barks, the doorbell 13._______'s and the 14.________ catches on fire. I think I’ll try again in 15.__________.

  1. Adjective _________________________________

  2. Noun _____________________________________

  3. Clothing __________________________________

  4. Adverb ___________________________________

  5. Animal____________________________________

  6. Noun______________________________________

  7. Adjective__________________________________

  8. Mood_____________________________________

  9. Direction__________________________________

  10. Color______________________________________

  11. Food______________________________________

  12. Animal____________________________________

  13. Verb______________________________________

  14. Noun_____________________________________

  15. Time of Year______________________________

Ask your students to complete the list from 1-15. Then share the Mad-Lib and ask them to read it aloud. Have fun!

Scavenger Hunt-Virtual

A fun in-house Scavenger Hunt! You can edit the list to add a variety of items! Keep your screen on to hear your students race around their house looking for items to win the hunt!

“Thread of Positivity”. Using your Zoom screen, give each student the name of the person to the right of them. Then in the chat, ask them to type a compliment, something positive, something that they appreciate about that person. Afterward, have them choose another person in the class with whom to do the same. Powerful. Therapeutic.

The article indicates use at the start of the year but these are really fun mid-year as well! Here are some icebreaker activities for virtual teaching!