Choral Library

After 40 years in the business of Choral Music Education, I have amassed a ton of music. As I always believed the greatest tools of the Choral Director was repertoire. I spent endless hours listening to recordings and playing through single copies to create solid educational programs for my choirs in the winter and spring.

An EXCEL spreadsheet of the Choral Library at Ridge High School is attached below. The filing categories include SATB, SSA CHRISTMAS, SSA SPRING, MEN'S, MADRIGALS, VOCAL JAZZ ENSEMBLE.

Very early in my career, I created two file boxes of single copies of everything in the library as a referencing resource - I kept one in the classroom and one at home. I also created a notebook of REPERTOIRE PERFORMED (In the late 80's!) so I knew when a piece was placed on a concert. I used a 6-year rotation when I wanted to repeat a piece. That notebook became invaluable after the first 15 years in the classroom!

My library was filled with old chestnuts...standard choral literature that I strongly felt every high school singer should learn. I'm not so sure the most recent Music Ed graduates would feel the same way unless they also came from a long-established program.

If you would like to check out any of this music prior to purchasing, please email and I would be happy to share.

Choral LIbrary.xls

In my REPERTOIRE PERFORMED notebook, an entry would include the year, the Choir President(s), and the list of the rep performed. This entry was from the Spring - Concert Choir - with Student Teacher Anna Espinoza conducting!