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Concert Program!

Build a Concert Program - the Assignment.pdf

I LOVED this assignment! My Chorale (all girls grades 9 & 10) created some amazing programs from which I was able to order future music! Their in-class presentations were also exemplary. I highly recommend this project! The mp3 recording was an explanation of the assignment as well as a lecture from which the students needed to take notes and submit for a grade.

I placed singers in groups of 4 or 5 per voice parts SI, SII and A. They could recruit other singers into their group to assist with the final performance.

I was able to bring these singers into my world of choral programming - explaining the long list of criteria which goes into choosing the repertoire for their concerts. Many of them really "got it" in understanding the amount of time and energy dedicated to producing a solid choral performance!

Program Example Title page.pdf
Build a Concert Program Example inside.pdf

This is an mp3 recording describing the assignment and providing a lecture about the details of choral concert programming.