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"Look for the helpers.   You will always find people who are helping.”  ~ Fred Rogers

Welcome! My name is Barbara Retzko and this is HighSchoolChoralResources.com!  This site is bursting with ideas, projects, philosophies, assessments, worksheets & answer keys for you to use, freely, to enhance the education you are providing the students in your Choral classrooms.  It is the culmination of my 40+ years as a Choral Music Educator and my way of paying it forward.  Everything is “classroom-tested” and ready to go today!  There is a lot here.  Please take a moment to look around!  If I can further assist or support you in any way, please email Barbararetzko@hotmail.com    You will find my complete bio here.                                                                                           Thanks, as always, for reading!
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