Sample Concert Programs

Here are a few of my Winter Concert Programs. The formatting is the same from year to year. On each ensemble's page, I included a description of each ensemble and the process by which a student could become involved in January. One never knew who was in the audience! Always thinking of ways to recruit for the program.

I consistently tried to acknowledge the success of students in outside ensembles - Region II Chorus, NJ All-State Chorus, All-Eastern Honors Choirs and All-National Honors Choir. Any opportunity to share the successes of my singers with their friends and family.

The back page of the Winter Concert Program was dedicated to GUYS NITE OUT info. The idea came from colleague Lauren Voight (Warren Hills HS) and became wildly successful in recruiting for the program and sharing stage space with enthusiastic Dads, Grads and Granddads!

Personal Note: My last full performance was December 2019 - the first program you see here. While re-reading my opening Director's notes, my third paragraph caught my breath. I could never have predicted the truth of a virtual world just three short months later...

I like a tasteful gimmick. Nothing big or fancy - just something that might be a bit different than the rest. For me, my program covers were on thing that fell into that category. I doubt anyone ever really noticed but that didn't matter. I liked the challenge of enhancing the design and the purchase of the ready-made covers was relatively inexpensive. I would order winter and spring in advance. The company is

The Spring Concert Program was similarly formatted from year to year. An acknowledgment of the successes of individuals, the competitive ensembles, the Graduating Seniors and a Year in Review. Having all of that information in one place at the end of the year came in handy long after the fact when folks would ask about various accomplishments. Again, the Program covers were purchased from Hermitage Art.

Before I found the covers on Hermitage Art, my programs looked like this. An idea I "borrowed" from a workshop somewhere. The "cover" was a piece of letter-size paper. The inner pages were legal size. There was always a surplus of legal-size paper at the end of a school year!!!

Program Notes - single page_000012.pdf

This was an excerpt from a welcome address given to the parents of incoming freshmen at the Boston Conservatory. Reprinted with permission from author Karl Paulnack.

Note: Do not ever be afraid to reach out to folks in the field! They put their pants on just like you leg at a time! I have never had someone not graciously reply when I've asked to use their thoughts for my own needs. There really are a lot of helpers out there!